The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is holding an annual Purple Ribbon Campaign to help create awareness and prevent violence against women in the province.

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Male violence against women is a serious issue in our homes, communities and workplaces, yet there is still a lack of acknowledgment and ownership of this crime. The subject is still very much taboo and although the severity of it in this province is alarming, to say the least, it is still very much a silent issue.

Government?s response to violence in the province is the Violence Prevention Initiative. This six-year, 12-million dollar strategy is ensuring that we have the tools to help communities and agencies work towards the elimination of violence.

The implementation of violence prevention public awareness and education campaigns is a priority of the Violence Prevention Initiative and through this it is our goal to increase awareness and attitudinal change in order to prevent violence against those most at risk in our society.

We are about halfway through this strategy and have already introduced campaigns to prevent violence against youth, children, and older adults. This campaign to prevent male violence against women, including our website, a tv ad, print ads, and posters, is the fourth in our series.

Violence is rooted in inequality and takes many forms. Beyond the physical, women in our province experience sexual, emotional, psychological, spiritual and cultural violence as well as verbal and financial abuse and neglect. All forms of violence against women are wrong. And all can be equally as damaging.

Treating women equally, and with fairness and respect, will go a long way to prevent any of these types of violence.

As you can see from the links, visitors will find information on the forms of male violence against women, where to get help, warning signs, how to prevent it and much more.

This site will be useful to men in the general public, women who may be victims of violence, youth, community and government workers, students, and anyone interested in preventing male violence against women.

We will continue to build on this site as new information and research becomes available.

If you have any questions of comments, please contact or (709) 729-5009.

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